Spectroscopic investigation of Rhodamine-B thin film prepared by PLD technique

  • Ali A-K. Hussain
Keywords: Rhodamine-B, Optical properties, PLD technique


Optical properties of Rhodamine-B thin film prepared by PLD
technique have been investigated. The absorption spectra using
1064nm and 532 nm laser wavelength of different laser pulse
energies shows that all the curves contain two bands, B band and Q
bands with two branches, Q1 and Q2 band and a small shift in the
peaks location toward the long wavelength with increasing laser
energy. FTIR patterns for Rhodamine-B powder and thin film within
shows that the identified peaks were located in the standard values
that done in the previous researches. X-ray diffraction patterns of
powder and prepared Rhodamine-B thin film was display that the
powder has polycrystalline of tetragonal structure, while the thin film
has an amorphous structure. SEM images for Rhodamine-B, shows
homogeneous distributed cauliflower-like nanostructures attached
with each other. FM diagram shows that the average grain size was
found to be 68.52 nm and the RMS surface roughness was 1.68 nm.