2021 Acceptance Rate: 44%
2020 Acceptance Rate: 47%
2019 Acceptance Rate: 70%

The percentage for the selected date range is calculated for submissions that were submitted during this date range and have received a final decision.
For example, consider the case where ten submissions were made during this date range. Four were accepted, four were rejected and two are still awaiting a final decision.
The acceptance rate will be 50% (4 of 8 submissions) because the two submissions that have not reached a final decision are not counted.


2021 Manuscript Decision Time

First Editorial Decision: 16 days
                            Reject: 26 days
                              Accept: 91 days

The number of days it takes for most submissions to receive the first editorial decision, such as desk rejection or send for review.
This statistic attempts to describe when the majority of authors submitting to our journal can expect a decision.