Spectroscopic analysis of magnesium-aluminum alloys by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

  • Ali A-K. Hussain
Keywords: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), optical emission, plasma diagnostics.


In this work, the spectra of plasma glow produced by Nd:YAG laser operated at 1.064 μm on Al-Mg alloys with same molar ratio samples in air were analyzed by comparing the atomic lines of aluminum and magnesium with that of strong standard lines. The effect of laser energies on spectral lines, produced by laser ablation, were investigated using optical spectroscopy, the electron density was measured utilizing the Stark broadening of magnesium-aluminum lines and the electron temperature was calculated from the standard Boltzmann plot method. The results that show the electron temperature increases in magnesium and aluminum targets but decreases in magnesium: aluminum alloy target, also show the electron density increase all the aluminum, magnesium and mix both them, It was found that the lines intensities at different laser peak powers increase when the laser peak power increases then decreases when the power continues to increase.