Plasma characteristics of Ag:Al alloy produced by fundamental and second harmonic frequencies of Nd:YAG laser

  • Ali A-K. Hussain
Keywords: Pulse laser, spectroscopy, Boltzmann plot, plasma characteristics.


In this work, the spectra for plasma glow produced by pulse
Nd:YAG laser (λ=532 and 1064nm) on Ag:Al alloy with same molar
ratio samples in distilled water were analyzed by studying the atomic
lines compared with aluminum and silver strong standard lines. The
effect of laser energies of the range 300 to 800 mJ on spectral lines,
produced by laser ablation, were investigated using optical
spectroscopy. The electron temperature was found to be increased
from 1.698 to 1.899 eV, while the electron density decreased from
2.247×1015 to 5.08×1014 cm-3 with increasing laser energy from 300
to 800 mJ with wavelength of 1064 nm. The values of electron
temperature using second harmonic frequency are greater than of
1064 nm, which increased from 2.405 to 2.444 eV, while the electron
density decreased from 2.210×1015 to 1.516×1015 cm-3 with
increasing laser energy for the same energy range.