Characterization of smoker and non smoker human teeth using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

  • Ali A-K. Hussain
Keywords: Smoker teeth, nonsmoker teeth, LIBS


In this work, the elemental constituents of smoker and nonsmoker
teeth samples of human were analyzed by Laser induced breakdown
spectroscopy method (LIBS). Many elements have been detected in
the healthy teeth samples, the important once are Ca, P, Mg, Fe, Pb
and Na. Many differences were found between (female and male)
teeth in Ca, P, Mg, Na and Pb contents. The concentrations of most
toxic elements were found significantly in the smoker group. The
maximum concentrations of toxic elements such as Pb, Cd and Co
were found in older male age above 60 year. Also, it was found that
the minimum concentrations of trace elements such as Ca, P and Na
exist in this age group. From these results it is clear that the LIBS
technique is a powerful tool for fast identification of teeth problems.