Determination of some characteristics of comet’s gases by photometry method for comet Hyakutake

  • S . Z . Khalaf
Keywords: Processing image, comet’s gases, comet Hyakutake.


The present paper focuses on the study of some characteristics of
comets ions by photometry method which represent by CCD camera
which it provide seeing these images in a graded light. From 0-255
when Zero (low a light intensity) and 255 (highlight intensity). These
differences of photonic intensity can be giving us a curve which
appear from any line of this image.
From these equations the focus is concentrating on determine the
temperature distribution, velocity distribution, and intensity number
distribution which is give number of particles per unit volume.
The results explained the interaction near the cometary nucleus
which is mainly affected by the new ions added to the density of the
solar wind, the average molecular weight increase and result in many
unique characteristics of the cometary tail.