Spectroscopic and structural studies of cadmium oxide thin films prepared by D.C magnetron sputtering

  • Ghuson H. Mohamed
Keywords: CdO, DC sputtering, optical emission spectroscopy, structural properties.


Cadmium oxide thin films were prepared by D.C magnetron plasma sputtering using different voltages (700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200) Volt. The Cadmium oxide structural properties using XRD analysis for just a voltage of 1200 volt at room temperature after annealing in different temperatures (523 and 623) K were studied .The results show that the films prepared at room temperature have some peaks belong to cadmium element along the directions (002), (100), (102) and (103) while the other peaks along the directions of (111), (200) and (222) belong to cadmium oxide. Annealed samples display only cadmium oxide peaks. Also, the spectroscopic properties of plasma diagnostic for CdO thin films were determined and the results show that the electron temperature and electron density increase with increasing of sputtered voltage.