Effect of sulfuric acid solution on thermal conductivity and impact strength of epoxy resin reinforced by silicon dioxide powder

  • Baraa Khalil Ibrahim
Keywords: H2SO4, epoxy resin, SiO2, thermal conductivity, impact strength.


In this search, Ep/SiO2 at (3, 6, 9, 12 %) composites is prepared by hand Lay-up method, to measure the change in the thermal conductivity and Impact Strength of epoxy resin before and after immersion in H2SO4 Solution with a 0.3N for 10 days. The results before immersion decreases with the increase of the weight ratios of the reinforcement material (SiO2), It changed from (82.6×10-2 to 38.7×10-2 W/m.°C) with change weight ratios from (3 to 12) % respectively, but after immersion time in the chemical solution where it was (65.6×10-2 W/m.°C) at the weight ratios (6 %) and became (46.6 × 10-2 W/m.°C) after immersion in sulfuric acid. The results of the Impact strength decreased by increasing the percentage weight ratio, it changed from (1.48 to 0.87 kJ/m2) with change weight ratios from (3 to 12) % respectively, but found an increase in the value of Impact Strength after immersion in the chemical solution Where it was (1.28 kJ/m2) at the weight ratio of 6 % and became (1.82 kJ/m2) at the same weight ratio after immersion in sulfuric acid at normality of 0.3 for 10 days.