The study of the bending property of the epoxy (Ep / MgO) and (Ep/SiO2) composites in natural conditions and after immersion in chemical solution

  • Baraa Khalil Ibrahim
Keywords: MgO, SiO2, Ep., bending property, H2SO4, normal condition.


In this paper, a polymer-based composite material was prepared by hand Lay-up method consisting of epoxy resin as a base material reinforced by magnesium oxide powder once and silicon dioxide powder again and with different weight ratios (3, 6, 9 and 12) wt %. The three-point bending test was performed in normal conditions and after immersion in sulfuric acid. The results showed that the bending value decreased with the increase of the weighted ratio of the reinforcement material (MgO, SiO2). The Bending of samples reinforced by SiO2 was found to be less than the bending of samples reinforced by particles (MgO). For example, the bending of the SiO2 sample (0.32 mm) at the weighted ratio (3%) and for the MgO (0.18mm) sample at the weight ratio were the same weighted load (100 g). It was found that the bending values of all samples exceeded the value after immersion in sulfuric acid. For example, the percentage of weight (6%) at the load level (500 g) was changed from 1.16 mm in normal conditions to 1.48mm for the same weight ratio after immersion. In sulfuric acid diluted with 0.3N for 10 days at the same applied load.