Compressive strength measurement for cement replacement with recycled glass in concrete

  • Asmaa S. Khalil
Keywords: Transparent glass bottles, replacement cement, compressive strength.


The most important environmental constraints at the present time
is the accumulation of glass waste (transparent glass bottles). A lot of
experiments and research have been made on waste and recycling
glass to get use it as much as possible. This research using recycling
of locally waste colorless glass to turn them into raw materials as
alternative of certain percentages of cement to save the environment
from glass waste and reduce some of the disadvantages of cement
with conserving the mechanical and physical properties of concrete
made. A set of required samples were prepared for mechanical test
with different weight percentage of waste glass (2%, 4%, 5%, 6%,
8%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%). American standard for calibration
(ASTM C109 / C109M-02) to measure the compressive strength
where the results showed that the Maximum compressive strength
was obtained at the low weight percentage replacement 2%, 4% and
5% 6% which is 67.12, 69.24, 62.56 and 59.96 Mpa respectively. for
originally mix recorded bending resistance (54.16) Mpa.