Change detection of remotely sensed image using NDVI subtractive and classification methods.

  • Israa Jameel Muhsin
Keywords: Image detection, NDVI, image classification, image subtractive.


Change detection is a technology ascertaining the changes of
specific features within a certain time Interval. The use of remotely
sensed image to detect changes in land use and land cover is widely
preferred over other conventional survey techniques because this
method is very efficient for assessing the change or degrading trends
of a region. In this research two remotely sensed image of Baghdad
city gathered by landsat -7and landsat -8 ETM+ for two time period
2000 and 2014 have been used to detect the most important changes.
Registration and rectification the two original images are the first
preprocessing steps was applied in this paper. Change detection using
NDVI subtractive has been computed, subtractive between the bands
of the two images and the ratio of the red to blue bands was also
computed. Change detection mask using minimum distance
classification or detection after classification have be also used to
compute the changes between the resultant classes, many statistical
properties of the original and process image have been illustrated in
this research