Monitoring of south Iraq marshes using classification and change detection techniques

  • Israa Jameel Muhsin
Keywords: Marshes, classification, change detection, matched filter.


Digital change detection is the process that helps in determining the changes associated with land use and land cover properties with reference to geo-registered multi temporal remote sensing data. In this research change detection techniques have been employed to detect the changes in marshes in south of Iraq for two period the first one from 1973 to 1984 and the other from 1973 to 2014 three satellite images had been captured by land sat in different period. Preprocessing such as geo-registered, rectification and mosaic process have been done to prepare the satellite images for monitoring process. supervised classification techniques such maximum likelihood classification has been used to classify the studied area, change detection after classification have been implemented between the new classes of adopted images, and finally change detection using matched filter was applied on the region of interest for each class.