Manufacturing of porous refractories from Iraqi Kaolin by adding expanded polystyrene waste

  • Shihab A. Zaidan
Keywords: Kaolin, expanded polystyrene, porosity, thermal conductivity, flexural strength, refractories.


Fabrication of porous clay refractory insulating specimens from Iraqi kaolin with different percentage of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) waste crumbs additions were investigated. After mixing and forming by hand molding, the specimens was dried and fired at 1300 oC. The structural, physical, mechanical and thermal properties of the refractory insulating products were measured. Maximum addition of EPS (1.25 wt%) lead to reduce the linear shrinkage to less than 1.7% and increased apparent porosity up to 50 %. As well as, the density, Modulus of rupture and thermal conductivity were reduced to 1.39 g/cm3, 4.1 MPa and 0.21 W/m.K, respectively. The final outcome, addition of EPS showed good results in the formation of pores without distorting the dimensions of specimens and without any cracks. In addition, it is possible to use these thermal insulators at temperatures up to 1300 oC.