Effect of SiO2 particles on the biodegradability of starch/PVA blends

  • Nahida J. H.
Keywords: PVA, corn starch, SiO2, biodegradability, α-amylase.


The present work aimed to study the SiO2μPs, and NPs effect on the biodegradability of St/PVA blends. The samples were prepared by casting method as PVA, St/PVA blends with different concentrations (30, 40, 50, and 60 %). FTIR test was carried out for the samples preparation. The results proved some changes which might be related to changing in crystallinity of St/PVA matrix as well as physical incorporation of SiO2 μPs, and NPs addition. The enzymatic test and water uptake results proved that increase in weight loss with increases of starch ratio. The lowest weight loss was PVA; the highest weight loss is 60% St/PVA whereas the lowest weight loss is 30%St/PVA for blends involved. SiO2μPs (753.7 nm), and NPs (263.1 nm) were added at different concentrations (1.5, 2, and 2.5 %). 1.5% SiO2 μPs, and NPs were the lowest weight loss then it was increased by SiO2μPs, and NPs addition. The samples were investigated with optical microscope. It was concluded that the samples involved could be used as packaging materials for medical application and its degradation could be controlled by SiO2μPs, and NPs addition.