Optical Characteristics of Vitamin D3 Soft Gel

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Hanaa M. Yaseen
Slafa I. Ibrahim
Rajaa Nader Ketan


In this work, the linear properties of Vitamin D3-5000IU soft gel were investigated by measuring its absorption and fluorescence spectra. It was observed that there was a shift towards longer wavelength within limits (75 nm), with quantitative efficiency equal to (33.58%). The values of absorbance were used to calculate the extinction coefficient, optical refractive index, optical conductivity and optical dielectric constant values.

The non-linear properties of Vitamin D3-5000IU soft gel was also studied using the Z-Scan technique by using Neodymium-doped Yttrium Garnet (Nd: YAG) continuous laser (CW) emitting in        (532 nm) wavelength, by  utilize  open aperture to measure nonlinear absorption coefficient and close aperture (diameter 1.5mm) to measure nonlinear refractive index. The sample behaves as two-photon absorption, and the nonlinear refractive index was positive.

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