Study of the proton halo structure of nuclei 23Al and 27P using the binary cluster model

  • Luay Fadhil S. جامعة بغداد
  • Ahmed Najem Abdullah
Keywords: Glauber model, exotic nuclei, binary cluster model, proton-rich nuclei


The neutron, proton, and matter densities of the ground state of the proton-rich 23Al and 27P exotic nuclei were analyzed using the binary cluster model (BCM). Two density parameterizations were used in BCM calculations namely; Gaussian (GS) and harmonic oscillator (HO) parameterizations. According to the calculated results, it found that the BCM gives a good description of the nuclear structure for above proton-rich exotic nuclei. The elastic form factors of the unstable 23Al and 27P exotic nuclei and those of their stable isotopes 27Al and 31P are studied by the plane-wave Born approximation. The main difference between the elastic form factors of unstable nuclei and their stable isotopes is caused by the variation in the proton density distributions, especially the details of the outer part. Moreover, the Glauber model is used to calculate the matter rms radii and reaction cross-section of these exotic nuclei.  The calculated results of the mentioned nuclei give a good accordance with the experimental data.