Sensitivity of Ce doped CuO for NO2 gas

  • Isam M. Ibrahim
Keywords: Optical and sensitive properties, thin film, CuO:CeO.


In this work the structural, optical and sensitive properties of Cerium - Copper oxide thin film prepared on silicon and glass substrate by the spray pyrolysis technique at a temperature of (200, 250, 300 °C). The results of (XRD) showed that all the prepared films were of a polycrystalline installation and monoclinic crystal structure with a preferable directions was (111) of CuO. Optical characteristics observed that the absorption coefficient has values for all the prepared CuO: Ce% (104 cm-1) in the visible spectrum, indicating that all the thin films prepared have a direct energy gap. Been fabrication of gas sensors of (CuO: Ce %) within optimum preparation conditions and study sensitivity properties were examined her exposed to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) with concentration ratio of 3 %, at operating temperatures (R.T, 200 and 300 °C). It is found that the maximum sensitivity at concentration value (Ce=50 %) which it is equal to (39.15 %) at operating temperature (300 °C).