The effect of gold nanoparticles on WO3 thin film

  • Isam M. Ibrahim
Keywords: Tungsten oxide, Au, annealing temp., chemical spray pyrolysis.


Chemical spray pyrolysis technique was used at substrate temperature 250 ˚C with annealing temperature at 400 ˚C (for 1hour) to deposition tungsten oxide thin film with different doping concentration of Au nanoparticle (0, 10, 20, 30 and 40)% wt. on glass substrate with thickness about 100 nm. The structural, optical properties were investigated. The X-ray diffraction shows that the films at substrate temperature (250 ˚C) was amorphous while at annealing temperature have a polycrystalline structure with the preferred orientation of (200), all the samples have a hexagonal structure for WO3 and Au gold nanoparticles have a cubic structure. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was used to characterize the morphology of the films. The optical properties of the films were studied using UV-Vis spectrophotometer within the wavelength in the range (300-1100) nm. The optical energy gap of the films was (2.80) eV for WO3 and it decreased at annealing temperature (400 ˚C) equal to (2.65) eV. And finally the optical constants such as refractive index, real and imaginary dielectrics, absorption coefficient, absorption, transmission, and extinction coefficient were investigated.