Theoretical spectroscopic studies of potential energy curves and Fortran parabola for beryllium oxide molecule

  • Marwa Waleed Mahmod
Keywords: Electronic transition, potential energy curve , Fortrat parabola.


    Theoretical spectroscopic  studies of  beryllium oxide has been  carried out, potential energy curves for ground states X1Σ+ and exited states A1Π , B1Σ+ by using two functions Morse and  and Varshni compared with experimental results. The potentials of this molecule are agreement with experimental results. The Fortrat Parabola corrcponding to  and branches were determind in the range 1<J<20 for the (0-0) band. It was found that for electronic transition  A1Π- X1Σ+  the bands head lies in  branche of  Fortrat parabola and the bands degraded towards red region. For electronic transition B1Σ+ - A1Π Fortart parabola appeared the bands head lies in branche and the bands degraded toward violet region.