Relative intensity distribution in the rotational structure for B1Σ+- A1Π and B1Σ+- X1Σ+ electronic systems of BeO molecule

  • Marwa Waleed Mahmod
Keywords: Boltzman distribution, electronic transitions, Beryllium Oxide molecule.


Theoretical spectroscopic study of  Beryllium Oxide has been carried out, Boltzmann distribution of P, Q and R branches in the range of (0<J<13) at temperature 4200K for (0-0) band for electronic transitions B1Σ+-A1Π and B1Σ-X1Σ. The Boltzmann distribution of these branches has a maximum values at equal J approximately while the values of relative population are different. For the B1Σ+- X1Σ+ transition the branch's lines extend towards lower wavenumber. This is because (Bv'-Bv") value is negative, i.e  Bv'< Bv" For B1Σ+-A1Π transition branch's lines extend towards higher wave number .This is because (Bv'-Bv") value is positive, i.e. Bv'> Bv"