Microstructure properties of lead silicate glasses

  • Dunia K. M. Al-Nasrawy
Keywords: lead glasses, microstructure, green and bulk density.


In the present work, lead silicate glasses have been prepared with
different amount of lead oxide content. Structure properties such as
X-ray diffraction, AFM, and FTIR analyses have been done. The
exceeding of PbO content more than 25wt% revealed a decreasing in
density. The X- ray revealed that the strongest peak related to
Hexagonal silica dioxide and the other crystal phases formed were
related to silica oxide (SiO2) and lead oxide (PbO). Growth and
decayed phases in X-ray have been observed with changing lead
oxide content. Homogeneous surface was obtained using AFM
analyzer with an average diameter around 100 nm. Infrared spectrum
is characterized by the presence of large absorption band between
1200 and 900cm-1 and have its maximum at 1080 cm-1 which is
typical to stretching vibrations of Si–O–Si bonds, another bands
noticed were attributed to Pb–O–Pb, Pb–O–Si, [AlO4]-tetrahedron,
and to Si–O–Al bond.