Calibration of ionization chamber survey meter

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Ali Kareem Kadhim


Radiation measuring devices need to process calibration which
lose their sensitivity and the extent of the response and the amount of
stability under a changing conditions from time to time and this
period depends on the nature and use of field in which used devices.
A comparison study was done to a (451P) (ionization chamber
survey meter) and this showed the variation of calibration factor in
five different years. This study also displayed the concept of
radiation instrument calibration and necessity of every year
calibration of them.
In this project we used the five years calibration data for ionization
chamber survey meter model Inspector (451P) to get that the values
of Calibration Factor (CF) and Response (1/CF). The value deviation
(Δ%) of CFs for four years of calibration in comparison of CF for the
year 2007 are very high and the device under research is not good to
use in field and reliable because the ionization chamber is very
sensitive to humidity and must calibrate a year or less, or during
every two years and must maintain carefully to reduce the discarded
effects to the measurements.

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