The effect of short range correlation on the inelastic C2 and C4 form factors of 18O nucleus

  • Abdullah S. Mdekil
Keywords: Charge density distribution, inelastic Coulomb form factors, short range correlation.


The effect of short range correlations on the inelastic Coulomb form factors for excited +2 states (1.982, 3.919, 5.250 and 8.210MeV) and +4 states (3.553, 7.114, 8.960 and 10.310 MeV) in O18 is analyzed. This effect (which depends on the correlation parameterβ) is inserted into the ground state charge density distribution through the Jastrow type correlation function. The single particle harmonic oscillator wave function is used with an oscillator size parameter .b The parameters β and b are adjusted for each excited state separately so as to reproduce the experimental root mean square charge radius of .18O The nucleusO18 is considered as an inert core of C12 with two protons and four neutrons distributed over 212521211sdp−− active orbits. The total transition charge density comes from both the model space and core polarization transition charge densities. The realistic effective interaction of Reehal–Wildenthal (REWIL) is used for this model space. It is found that the introduction of the effect of short range correlations is necessary for obtaining a remarkable improvement for the calculated inelastic Coulomb form factors and considered as an essential for explanation the data amazingly throughout the whole range of considered momentum transfer.