Electrical glow discharges and plasma parameter of planar sputtering system for silver target

  • Mazin H. Hasan
Keywords: Silver target, glow discharge, plasma parameter, dc sputtering.


DC planar sputtering system is characterized by varying discharge potential of (250-2000 volt) and Argon gas pressures of (3.5×10-2 – 1.5) mbar. The breakdown voltage for silver electrode was studied with a uniform electric field at different discharge distances, as well as plasma parameters. The breakdown voltage is a product of the Argon gas pressure inside the chamber and gab distance between the electrodes, represent as Paschen curve. The Current-voltage characteristics curves indicate that the electrical discharge plasma is working in the abnormal glow region. Plasma parameters were found from the current-voltage characteristics of a single probe positioned at the inter-cathode space. Typical values of the electron temperature and the electron density are in the range of (2.93 –5.3) eV and (10-16 -10-17) m-3 respectively.