Enhancement of functionalized carbon nanotubes gas sensor by adding metal oxide nanoparticles

  • Sally K. Abbas
  • Asama Natik Naje
Keywords: F-SWCNTs, F-MWCNTS, metal oxide, NO2 sensor


Functionalized-multi wall carbon nanotubes (F-MWCNTs) and functionalized-single wall carbon nanotubes (F-SWCNTs) were well enhanced using CoO Nanoparticles. The sensor device consisted of a film of sensitive material (F-MWCNTs/CoONPs) and (F-SWCNTs/CoO NPs) deposited by drop- casting on an n-type porous silicon substrate. The two sensors perform high sensitivity to NO2 gas at room temperatures. The analysis indicated that the (F-MWCNTs/CoONPs) have a better performance than (F-SWCNTs/CoONPs). The F-SWCNTs/CoONPs gas sensor shows high sensitivity (19.1 %) at RT with response time 17 sec, while F-MWCNTs/CoONPs gas sensor show better sensitivity (39 %) at RT with response time 13 sec. The device shows a very reproducible sensor performance, with high repeatability, complete recovery, and adequate response. A demonstration of the improvement in sensing of NO2 gas using CoO-functionalized nanotubes is provided.