A Calculation real abundance of gaseous elements of the comet PanSTARRS C/2011 S4

comet PanSTARRS C/2011 S4

  • salman zaidan khalaf Al-malki
  • Khaleel Abrahim
  • Imad Kassar Akeab
Keywords: comets


    X-ray emission contains some of the gaseous properties is produced when the particles of the solar wind strike the atmosphere of comet ISON and PanSTARRS Comets. The data collected with NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory of the two comets, C/2012 S1 (also known as Comet ISON) and C/2011 S4 (Comet PanSTARRS) are used in this study.

   The real abundance of the observed X-ray spectrum elements has been extracted by a new simple mathematic model. The study found some physical properties of these elements in the comet’s gas such as a relationship between the abundance with emitted energy. The elements that have emission energy (2500-6800) eV, have abundance (0.1-0.15) %, while the elements that have emission energy (850-2500) eV and (6800-9250) eV have abundance (0.2-0.3) %.

   The relation between interacted energy and atomic number is form two sets.  The interacted energy of each element is increased as the atomic number increased. This case has been seen in both comets