Performance Study of Pentacene based Organic Field Effect Transistor by Using monolayer, bilayer and trilayer and Gate Insulators

  • Bushra H. Mohammed University of The Qar/ College of Science/Physics Department
  • Estabraq Talib Abdullah University of Baghdad/ College of Science/Physics Department
Keywords: organic field effect transistor, Pentacene , gate dielectric, dielectric constant.


In this paper, Pentacene based-organic field effect transistors (OFETs) by using monolayer , bilayer and three layers of three  different gate insulators (ZrO2, PVA and CYEPL) , two layers of different gate insulators (ZrO2/PVA and ZrO2/CYEPL  ) and three layers of different gate insulators (ZrO2/PVA/CYEPL) were studied its electrical performance (output (Id-Vd)and transfer(Id-Vg) characteristics)by using the gradual-channel approximation model. The device exhibits a typical output curve of a field-effect transistor (FET). Furthermore, analysis of electrical characterization was done to investigate the source-drain voltage (Vd) dependent current and note The effects of gate dielectric on electrical performance for OFET. As this work  take account of  effect capacitance semiconductor in performance OFETs. The values of current which calculated using MATLAB simulation exhibited a value of current increase with increasing source-drain voltage.  Also the Organic Transistor modeling software was used to evaluate the transconductance calculated.