The magnetic switch manufacturing by using ferrofluid and ferrofluid doped copper nanoparticles

  • Rehab Abd Al Hussin ali MS.C student, University of Wasit, College of Science, Physics Department
  • Hashim Ali Yusr
  • soudad S. bassam
Keywords: Ferrofluid, copper nanoparticles, magnetic switch


The splendor of ferrofluid lies on two important facts. It is a natural fluid that flows and at the same time responds to the external magnetic field. Unlike other conventional fluids. Through this study it can be said that if a substance (ferroeluid) is placed in an effective external magnetic field, the response of the substance depends on two important factors. The intensity of the light falling on the material as well as the purity of the substance (ferrofluid) therefore affect the results (hysteres loop) resulting.