Recycling waste papers in green cement mortars

  • Aseel B. Al-Zubaidi
Keywords: Green cement mortar, waste papers, mechanical properties, hardness, compression.


This work investigates the utilization of waste papers (natural and industrial) i.e (citrus aurantium and papers A4) mortars containing specified contents 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% of waste papers were prepared and cured. Mechanical characteristics such as compressive and bending strengths, hardness and water absorption were determined for the mortars mixed with the waste papers and compared with those obtained from the pure mortars. Results showed that the addition of waste paper leads to increase the hardness to (69 - 68.5) shore D for (natural and industrial) wastes materials respectively comparing with pure specimen 66 shore D. The compressed strength of the mortar cement specimen cured for 28 days from 13 MPa to (17-18) MPa for (natural and industrial) wastes materials, respectively.