Simulations of the initiation and propagation of streamers in electrical discharges inside water at 3 mm length gap

  • Thamir H. Khalaf
Keywords: Streamer discharge, plasma channels, dielectric discharge, pre-breakdown, discharge simulation


This work is devoted to the modeling of streamer discharge, propagation in liquid dielectrics (water) gap using the bubble theory. This of the electrical discharge (streamer) propagating within a dielectric liquid subjected to a divergent electric field, using finite element method (in two dimensions). Solution of Laplace's equation governs the voltage and electric field distributions within the configuration, the electrode configuration a point (pin) - plane configuration, the plasma channels were followed, step to step. The results show that, the electrical discharge (streamer) indicates the breakdown voltage required for a 3mm atmospheric pressure dielectric liquid gap as 13 kV. Also, the electric potential and field distributions shown agreement with the streamer growth, according to the simulation development time.