Radiation doses assessment for workers on radiation measuring devices response check in RNSD laboratories

  • Abbas N. Mohammed
Keywords: Radioactive sources, calibration, radiation doses.


Radiation measuring devices need to periodic calibration process to examine their sensitivity and the extent of the response. This study is used to evaluate the radiation doses of the workers in the laboratories of the Directorate of Safety as a result of the use of point sources in calibrating of the devices in two ways, the first is the direct measurement by the FAG device and the others using RESRAD and RAD PRO programs. The total doses values using FAG were (2.57 μSv/y, 102.3 μSv/y and 20.75 μSv/y for TLD laboratory, Gamma spectroscopy analyses (GSA) laboratory and equipment store respectively, and the total doses that calculated using RESRAD and RAD PRO were 1.518 μSv/y, 76.65 μSv/y and 21.2 μSv/y for the above laboratories. the dose rate is very low compare with the national, international dose rate limits (20 mSv/y).