Experimental observation of the far field diffraction patterns of functionalization single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes using nonlinear diffraction technique

  • Fadhil A. Umran
Keywords: Nonlinear, nanofluids, nonlinear diffraction.


Nonlinear diffraction pattern can be induced by focusing CW
laser into a thin quartzes cuvette containing nanofluid. The number
of revealed pattern rings indicates to the nonlinear behavior of fluid.
Here, the nonlinear refractive index of each of functionalized single
wall carbon nanotube (F-SWCNTs) suspention and multi wall carbon
nanotube (F-MWCNTs) suspention have been investigated
experimentally .Each of CNTs suspention was at volume fraction of
13×10−5 and 6×10−5. Moreover the laser source at wavelength of
473 nm was used. The results show that SWCNTs suspention
possesses higher nonlinearty than other at the same volume fraction