A comparison between PCA and some enhancement filters for denoising astronomical images

  • Raaid N. Hassan
Keywords: principal component analysis, local pixel grouping, Wiener filter, Median filter, Gaussian filter, Order-statistic filter, Structural Similarity.


This paper includes a comparison between denoising techniques by using statistical approach, principal component analysis with local pixel grouping (PCA-LPG), this procedure is iterated second time to further improve the denoising performance, and other enhancement filters were used. Like adaptive Wiener low pass-filter to a grayscale image that has been degraded by constant power additive noise, based on statistics estimated from a local neighborhood of each pixel. Performs Median filter of the input noisy image, each output pixel contains the Median value in the M-by-N neighborhood around the corresponding pixel in the input image, Gaussian low pass-filter and Order-statistic filter also be used.

Experimental results shows LPG-PCA method gives better performance, especially in image fine structure preservation, compared with other general denoising algorithms.