A three-stage blumlein-circuit to generate transversely excited atmospheric nitrogen laser by using three spark gaps

  • Saif B. Mohammed
Keywords: Gas lasers, TEA nitrogen laser, time delay, highly efficiency.


In this research constructed N2 laser system by use developed method of electric discharge. In this method used four step of electric discharge by using four capacitors, three spark gaps, high tension power supply varying in range from 12kV to 24 kV and three resistors, this method called three stage blumlein circuit. The breakdown time delay of these parallel spark gaps cement strong ultraviolet preionization in the laser channel, thus the result of these amendments the laser output is many doubled and is more increasing than that obtained using the one and two stage blumlein circuits. This system has been designed and operated to give pulse laser with wavelength at 337.1 nm. This laser system can operate without mirrors and optical resonator. The best result of energy was about (20.2 mJ) at electrode separation (3.5 mm) with flow rate (13 L/min) and applied voltage (24 kV). With this conditions of electric discharges the pulse duration was (6.65 ns) then the peak power was (3.04 MW), the efficiency of convert the electric energy to optical energy was (0. 93%) and The divergence of laser beam at optimal condition was (0.348 mrad). The results of fabricated system indicate the output characteristics can be significantly improved by improving the discharge characteristics.