The effect of deformation parameter of heavy nuclei on level density parameter

  • Mahdi Hadi Jasim
Keywords: Rotational and vibrational, level, density, collective levels, statistical model.


The possible effect of the collective motion in heavy nuclei has been investigated in the framework of Nilson model. This effect has been searched realistically by calculating the level density, which plays a significant role in the description of the reaction cross sections in the statistical nuclear theory. The nuclear level density parameter for some deformed radioisotopes of (even- even) target nuclei (Dy, W and Os) is calculated, by taking into consideration the collective motion for excitation modes for the observed nuclear spectra near the neutron binding energy. The method employed in the present work assumes equidistant spacing of the collective coupled state bands of the considered isotopes. The present calculated results for first excited rotational band have been compared with the accumulated values from the literature for s-wave neutron resonance data, and were in good agreement with those data.