A Study of the generation of laser soliton from spontaneous emission by ring cavity with carbon nanotube

  • Younis Mohamed Atiah Al-Zahy
Keywords: Nonlinear optics, Fibers laser, Passivemode lucking, Nanotube saturable absorber.


We demonstrate a behavior of laser pulse grows through fiber laser inside and output cavity with a soliton fiber laser based on the multi-wall carbon nanotube saturable absorber (SA), we investigate the effects of a saturable absorber parameter on the mode-locking of a realistic Erbium fiber ring laser. Generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation including the nonlinear effects as gain dispersion, second anomalous group velocity dispersion (GVD), self phase modulation (SPM), and two photon absorption used to describe pulse evolution. An analytical method has been used to understand and to quantify the role of the SA parameter on the propagation dynamics of pulse laser. We compute the chirp, power, width and phase of the soliton for range of SA parameters and we studied stability against nonlinear effects at different SA parameter ranges.