A study of the effect of acid immersion on some physical properties of ( Epoxy – MgO) composites

  • Jinan M. H. Jabir
Keywords: Polymer composite, Epoxy resin, Dielectric Toughness, Hardness, Immersion.


In this study a polymeric composite material was prepared by hand
lay-up technique from epoxy resin as a matrix and magnesium oxide
(MgO) as a reinforcement with different weight fraction (5,10,15,
and 20)% to resin. Then the prepared samples were immersed under
normal condition in H2So4(1 M) solution, for periods ranging up to
10 weeks. The result revealed that the diffusion coefficient
decreasing as the concentration of MgO increase. Also we studied
Hardness for the prepared samples before and after immersion. The
result revealed that the hardness values increase as the concentration
of MgO increase, while the hardness for the samples after immersion
in H2SO4 decreased as compared to those before immersion. In
addition, the dielectric strength decreasing by increasing the MgO
concentration with time immersion.