Inelastic electron scattering form factors involving the second excited 2+ level in the isotopes 50,54,52Cr

  • Ghaith Naima Flaiyh
Keywords: Collective modes, inelastic longitudinal form factors, two-body charge density.


An expression for the transition charge density is investigated where the deformation in nuclear collective modes is taken into consideration besides the shell model transition density. The inelastic longitudinal form factors C2 calculated using this transition charge density with excitation of the levels for Cr54,52,50 nuclei. In this work, the core polarization transition density is evaluated by adopting the shape of Tassie model together with the derived form of the ground state two-body charge density distributions (2BCDD's). It is noticed that the core polarization effects which represent the collective modes are essential in obtaining a remarkable agreement between the calculated inelastic longitudinal F(q)'s and those of experimental data.