Electrical properties of pure NiO and NiO:Au thin films prepared by using pulsed laser deposition

  • Raied K. Jamal
Keywords: NiO:Au, thin films, Pulsed laser deposition.


The electrical properties of pure NiO and NiO:Au Films which are
deposited on glass substrate with various dopant concentrations
(1wt.%, 2wt%, 3wt.% and 4wt.%) at room temperature 450 Co
annealing temperature will be presented. The results of the hall effect
showed that all the films were p-type. The Hall mobility decreases
while both carrier concentration and conductivity increases with the
increasing of annealing temperatures and doping percentage, Thus,
indicating the behavior of semiconductor, and also the D.C
conductivity from which the activation energy decrease with the
doping concentration increase and transport mechanism of the charge
carriers can be estimated.