Effect of Ag nanoparticles on R6G laser dye hosted by PMMA polymerized by plasma jet

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Hammad R. Humud


This work aim to prepare Ag/R6G/PMMA nanocomposite thin
films by In-situ plasma polymerization and study the changes in the
optical properties of fluorophore due to the presence of Ag
nanoparticles structures in the vicinity of the R6G laser dye. The
concentrations of R6G dye/MMA used are: 10-4M solutions were
prepared by dissolving the required quantity of the R6G dye in
MMAMonomer. Then Silver nanoparticles with 50 average particles
size were mixed with MMAmonomer with concentration of 0.3, 0.5,
0.7wt% to get R6G silver/MMA in liquid phase. The films were
deposited on glass substrates by dielectric barrier discharge plasma
jet. The Ag/R6G/PMMA nanocomposite thin films were
characterization by UV-Visible absorption spectra by using a double
beam UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer and fluorescence
Spectrophotometer. The thin films surface morphological analysis is
carried out by employing an AFM and SEM. the structure analysis
are achieved by X-ray diffraction. The thickness of the films was
measured by optical interferometric method. AFM analysis shows
that the surface roughness of plasma polymerized pure PMMA thin
films was 2.7 nm and for (10-4 R6G + 0.7wt% Ag)Ag/R6G/PMMA
thin films was 4.16 nm. The SEM images were indicates that Ag
nanoparticles (NPs) disperse in the PMMA matrix with uniform
distribution and formed mostly spherical NPs and slightly
agglomerate. Also the silver nanoparticles with 0.7wt%
concentration enhances the absorption process by 2.3 times and the
fluorescence by 1.7 times. it can be conclude, that the addition of low
concentrations of silver nanoparticles to the PMMA/ R6G matrix was
changing the optical properties of the prepared nanocomposite thin

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