Morphology and electrical properties of Cu X Zn1-XO thin films prepared by PLD technique

  • Eman Mizher Nasir
Keywords: CuXZn1-XO thin films, Morphological properties, electrical properties, PLD technique.


Cu X Zn1-XO films with different x content have been prepared by
pulse laser deposition technique at room temperatures (RT) and
different annealing temperatures (373 and 473) K. The effect of x
content of Cu (0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) wt.% on morphology and
electrical properties of CuXZn1-XO thin films have been studied.
AFM measurements showed that the average grain size values for
CuXZn1-xO thin films at RT and different annealing temperatures
(373, 473) K decreases, while the average Roughness values increase
with increasing x content. The D.C conductivity for all films
increases as the x content increase and decreases with increasing the
annealing temperatures. Hall measurements showed that there are
two types of conductance (n- type and p-type charge carriers). Also
the variation of drift velocity (vd), carrier life time (), and free mean
path (l) with different x content and annealing temperatures were