Effect of CuI concentration on structural and optical properties of PVA: CuI nanocomposites

  • Mahdi Hasan Suhail
Keywords: Nanocomposite, CuI nanoparticle, optical band gaps, particle size, PVA.


The nanocomposite on the base of synthesis Copper iodide
nanoparticles and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA/CuI) with different
concentration of CuI were obtained using casting technique.
PVA/CuI polymer composite samples have been prepared and
subjected to characterizations using FTIR spectroscopy, The FTIR
spectral analysis shows remarkable variation of the absorption peak
positions with increasing CuI concentration. The obtained results by
X-ray diffraction indicated the formation of cubic CuI particles. The
effects of CuI concentrations on the optical properties of the PVA
films were studied in the region of wavelength, (190-1100) nm.
From the derivation of Tauc's relation it was found that the direct
allowed transitions was more probable in PVA/ CuI nanocomposite.
The results indicate that the obtained values of optical absorption
edge, and energies band gap decreases from 4.05 to3.89 eV for direct
transitions with the increasing salt contents.