Structural and optical properties for PVA- PEG-MnCl2 composites

  • Mahdi Hasan Suhail
Keywords: PVA, PEG polymer, refractive index, dielectric constant, energy gap, composite polymer.


Polymer films of PEG and PVA and their blend with different
concentrations of MnCl2 (0, 2, 4, 6 and 10 %.wt) were study using
casting technique. The X-ray spectra of pure PEG, PVA and
PVA:PEG films and with addition of 2% concentrations from
(MnCl2) show amorphous structures. The results for FTIR show the
interaction between the filler and polymer blend results in
decreasing crystallinity with rich amorphous phase. This
amorphous nature confirms the complexation between the filler and
the polymer blend. The optical properties of (PVA:PEG/MnCl2)
contain the recording of absorbance (A) and explain that the
absorption coefficient (α), refractive index (n), extinction coefficient
(ko) and the dielectric constants (real and imaginary part) increase
with increasing the concentration of Composite (PVA:PEG/MnCl2).
The optical energy gap for electrons transitions both are direct and
indirect allowed.