Determination the concentration of radon in human urine using LR-115 detector

  • Essam M. Rasheed
Keywords: Urine, radon, LR- 115, track detector, alpha particles.


In the present study twenty samples of human urine were taken
from healthy male and female with different of: ages, occupation and
place of residence. These samples were collected from the hospital to
measure the concentration of radon gas in human urine by using one
of solid state nuclear track detectors LR-115.
The results obtained of the concentrations of radon in healthy human
urine are varying from 2.12×10-3 Bq.l-1 to 4.42×10-3 Bq.l-1 and
these values are less than the allowed limits 12.3×10-3 Bq.l-1.