Effect of thickness on the structure, morphology and A.C conductivity of Bi2S3 thin films

  • Bushra A. Hasan
Keywords: Dielectric properties, Bismuth Sulfide, Semiconducting Materials.


Thin films samples of Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 had deposited on
glass substrate using thermal evaporation method by chemical
method under vacuum of 10-5 Toor. XRD and AFM were used to
check the structure and morphology of the Bi2S3 thin films. The
results showed that the films with law thickness <700 nm were free
from any diffraction peaks refer to amorphous structure while films
with thickness≥700 nm was polycrystalline. The roughness decreases
while average grain size increases with the increase of thickness. The
A.C conductivity as function of frequency had studied in the
frequency range (50 to 5x106 Hz). The dielectric constant,
polarizability showed significant dependence upon the variation of