Effect of concentrations ratios of NiO on the efficiency of solar cell for (CdO)1-x(NiO)x thin films

  • Kadhim A. Aadim
Keywords: CdO thin film, solar cell, fill factor, conversion efficiency.


CdO:NiO/Si solar cell film was fabricated via deposition of CdO:NiO in different concentrations 1%, 3%, and 5% for NiO thin films in R.T and 723K, on n-type silicon substrate with approximately 200 nm thickness using pulse laser deposition. CdO:NiO/n-Si solar cell photovoltaic properties were examined under 60 mW/cm2 intensity illumination. The highest efficiency of the solar cell is 2.4% when the NiO concentration is 0.05 at 723K.