D.C electrical conductivity of prepared pure and doped polyaniline salt

  • Salma M. Hassan
Keywords: Protonation PANI, electro-chemical, polymerization


Pure Polyaniline salt, and protonation PANI by H2SO4 were synthesized by electro-chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline with acidity of H2SO4. The solution was prepared in reaction temperature equal 291 K and the acidity of aqueous solution was 1 molarities. The prepared polyaniline was characterized by FT-IR, the result indicate that the intensity is increase with increasing of applied voltage. The dc conductivity has been measured for bulk polyaniline pure and doped in the form of compressed pellet with evaporated Ohmic Al electrodes in temperature range (303-423) K. The Eav energy of the thermal rate process of the electrical conductivity was determined. The results indicate that the dc conductivity of doped samples are two or three orders of magnitude higher by comparison with the pure sample and found that the increasing in conductivity of prepared samples with applied voltage is systematic.