Radioactivity and annual effective dose in some types of drug

  • Ali Dawoud Salloum
Keywords: Specific activity, annual effective dose, radioactive nuclides.


The aim of this research is to know danger of radioactive isotopes
that are found in samples of drugs traded in Iraqi markets. The
samples are Iraqi Amoxicillin, English Amoxicillin, UAE
Amoxicillin, Indian Amoxicillin, Iraqi Paracetamol, English
Paracetamol, UAE Paracetamol and Indian Paracetamol. By high
purity germanium the activity of the following isotopes 40K, 214Pb,
228Ac and 137Cs is measured and the specific activity was used to
calculate the annual effective dose. Then the calculated annual
effective dose values are compared with the allowable annual
effective dose values of each part of digestive channel. This research
concluded that the measured annual effective dose values are not