The emission spectra and hydrodynamic properties of Al plasma using Nd-YAG laser

  • Mahmoad SH. Mahmoad
Keywords: Hydrodynamic properties, emission spectra, Cowan code, Nd-YAG laser, medusa code.


In this work, the emission spectra and atomic structure of the aluminum target had been studied theoretically using Cowan code. Cowan code was used to calculate the transitions of electrons between atomic configuration interactions using the mathematical method called (Hartree-Fock). The aluminum target can give a good emission spectrum in the XUV region at 10 nm with oscillator strength of 1.82.
The hydrodynamic properties of laser produced plasma (LPP) were investigated for the purpose of creating a light source working in the EUV region. Such a light source is very important for lithography (semiconductor manufacturing). The improved MEDUSA (Med103) code can calculate the plasma hydrodynamic properties (velocity, electron density, pressure, electron temperature, ion density, ion temperature and average ionization Z*). Aluminum target was considered in these calculations (Z=13). This work was done by using three laser power densities (1011, 1012 and 1013 W/cm2) with a 10 ns pulse width and 10 ps pulse width for laser wavelength (1064 nm). These laser intensities with 10 ns pulse width give high ionization stage of the Aluminum from 2.4-11 for electron range from 16.5-3000 eV.