Calculation of the Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Moments of some Sodium Isotopes using Shell Model with Skyrme Interaction

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Ghofran W. Harby
Ali. A. Alzubadi


         In the present work, the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments for some sodium isotopes have been calculated using the shell model, considering the effect of the two-body effective interactions and the single-particle potentials. These isotopes are; 21Na (3/2+), 23Na (3/2+), 25Na (5/2+), 26Na (3+), 27Na (5/2+), 28Na (1+) and, 29Na (3/2+). The one-body transition density matrix elements (OBDM) have been calculated using the (USDA, USDB, HBUMSD and W) two-body effective interactions carried out in the sd-shell model space. The sd shell model space consists of the active 2s1/2, 1d5/2, and1d1/2 valence orbits above the inert 16O nucleus core, which remains closed. Skyrme interaction was implemented to generate the single-particle matrix elements with Hartree-Fock approximation and compared with those of harmonic oscillator and Wood-Saxon potentials. From the outcome of our investigation, it is possible to conclude that the shell model calculations with Skyrme-type interaction give a reasonable description for most of the selected Na isotopes. No significant difference was noticed for the magnetic dipole moments and electric quadrupole moments with experimental data, where all signs for the experimental data are reproduced correctly.

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Harby GW, Alzubadi AA. Calculation of the Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Moments of some Sodium Isotopes using Shell Model with Skyrme Interaction. IJP [Internet]. 2022 Sep. 1 [cited 2023 Feb. 6];20(3):40-9. Available from:


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